3 more ‘corns

3 more 'corns

I have to say, the blogging part of this whole experience is far more difficult than I thought it would be. I’ve never been a daily writer, nor a monthly writer at that. I’m hoping once I get caught up with my postings to the newest most current Unicorn, I’ll be able to keep on track.

So I submit, my second – fourth Unicorns for this Cause. One a little girly, long eye lashes and most likely a rainbow mane or horn. The other a slightly geeky/nerdy ‘corn. He’s a bit out of his league among the other beauties, but he’s not afraid of his own special powers. The third is my favorite so far. She’s standing on the moon, watching the stars and looking for the right person to visit and grant her special protection.

~Chel ~ a.k.a ViridianMuse


One thought on “3 more ‘corns

  1. The blogging portion of it IS the most difficult part. I’ve had blogs for years and it has always been a challenge to be consistent. I post more to Facebook than I do to my own blog, a habit I am trying to break.

    I am working on mine as well in between everything else. My breaks are becoming ‘unicorn breaks’.

    Looking forward to seeing all that we have accomplished at the end of the six months. I’m already jonesing to start on gnomes. LOL

    Your moon’icorn is my favorite so far. She would be a great children’s book character. She’s elegant and just lovely.

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