The following are the rules agreed on for the Once Upon a Cause challenge. The challenge is not currently open for other participants, but this may change in future so please check back often.


  • Challenges are “fairy tale” themed.
  • There is only one theme in play at a time.
  • Each challenge will run as a three (3) month season:
    January to March – unicorns
    April to June – gnomes!
    July to September – robots
    October to December – yetis!
  • All pieces will be made during the Monday through Friday work week; weekends off.
  • Everything must be handmade.
  • Though various mediums are allowed, all pieces will be two-dimensional ATCs.
  • All pieces will be family-friendly.
  • Everything will be scanned and photographed to be included in a small book after each season.
  • Each season will produce a total of 26 cards which will be presented for voting to narrow it down to 13 cards that will be doubled into a 26-card Concentration game playing card deck.
  • After the first season, Chelsae and I will launch the project on Kickstarter (if accepted) to create the¬†Concentration game decks with the intention of distributing them to children’s charities, like Autism Speaks and the Dragonfly Foundation, as well as children’s hospitals and local organizations.