Revisiting fairy tales from long ago

Once upon a time, there were two creatives who had been friends for a very long time. Their lives were ruled by small people called children and they worked hard on a daily basis to keep them happy. Alas, it was not often that their days allowed them to create art as often as they wanted and it made them very sad.

One day, their cravings for creativity ascending to maddening levels, they devised a plan to create one small card a week. The two creatives started a collaborative to create playing card decks for children with cancer so that they would have colorful, positive, fun images to play with that might bring them a little joy.

Things went well for quite a while, the two creatives cranking out unicorns and gnomes and yetis, oh my. But it was short lived as their lives and jobs soon swept them away from it all. A year passed, then two, then three, and before they knew it they had all but forgotten the project as it was lost in their day-to-day lives.

Then there was a pause, a lull, a moment to breathe and the one creative, while working on another project, happened to see their old online playground…and updated it.

Hey guys, Renmeleon here!

Chel and I are still bogged, but I’m tinkering again and plan to rejuvenate this project before the 2017 summer is out. The past three years have been full of challenges, but I’ve kept my pen moving and there are some cool things I’m looking forward to sharing with you…including our first deck!

I’m putting together a plan of attack to launch our collaborative Unicorns deck and a little book on Ga-no-mies (gnomes) written by yours truly. Oh and, yes, there is a Yeti project in the works as well.

So thank you again for being here, the fairy tales are still alive and kicking, and we look forward to sharing more with you soon! xo


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